Jane Eyre

Datum: 2010-01-14 | Tid: 20:30:17

Det kan verka som en rätt tråkig och seg bok, men faktum är att den är riktigt bra och när man har vant sig vid språket som används så går det lätt och flytande som vilken annan bok som helst.
Jag tyckte att den var rätt seg till en början, men sen såg jag av misstag filmen och därefter ville jag bara läsa igenom alla detaljer och försöka förstå allt perfekt.

Nu ryktas det om att Ellen Page ska spela Jane Eyre i den nya versionen som ska göras, men då jag inte kan se något om det på imdb.com så förblir det bara ett rykte för mig.

Charlotte Gainsbourg som Jane Eyre 1996

Nick & Norah

Datum: 2009-11-17 | Tid: 20:15:22
The way you're singing in your sleep
The way you look before you leap
The strange illusions that you keep
You don't know
But I'm noticing

Kan vara den sötaste boken jag har läst på länge. Då söt och oskyldig på ett roligt sätt. Det var inga brutala sexscener, inga mord, inga galna hämndlystna demoner som kommit för att döda allt och alla och ta över jorden utan bara två ungdomar som finner varandra under udda förutsättningar.
Mysbok, men hade hellre velat läsa den på engelska.
Fast man tar ju vad man har.


Datum: 2009-10-13 | Tid: 19:01:11
Högen med böcker som jag lånade idag. De verkar bra, men man ska ju som sagt inte dömma en bok efter omslaget, eller sammanfattningen på baksidan heller för den delen.

Luke spots Eve at his dad's funeral. She's hot - and she's the perfect distraction from his messed up family life. There's only one problem - she's got a boyfriend and hasn't even noticed Luke exists.


Still, Luke's not going to give up that easily. When he meets Ryan at a party and hears about his sex steps to guaranteed success with any girl, Like determines to put them to the test.



Big mouth

No I did not. I did nit. I did not. I did not say those things, and I did not plan those things. Won't anyone believe me?

Ugly girl

All right, Ugly Girl made a mistake. I'd told my mom what I'd heard in the caféteria, and she'd told Dad. Evidently, I'd thought for sure they would want me to speak up for the truth.




Date: June 29th

Food: ½ apple with 1/4 yoghurt and 1 bottle water

Exercise: Power-walking away from my room mate


Welcome to Wellness Canyon - luxury weight-loss spa for the young, rich and overweight.


April can't wait to work of her excess weight while Wil can't wait to get out of there. Assigned to be room mates, the girls take an instant dislike to each other. And things get even worse when they both fall for the same guy. Can Wil make it through the summer and finally be accepter by her parents? Will April ever find someone who wants her, curves and all?



Mercedes Bent is trying to go straight - if only her family weren't so crooked.


Mercedes has carved herself a nice little niche at the Daphne Pincher Academy for Young ladies, running a sweepstake and taking bets on anything that moves. The only fly in the ointment is her arch-rival, gangster's daughter Harley 'halitosis' Spinks. How come she's got the great work placement and Mercedes has ended up in a boring bank?


But things start to look up when Mercedes wangles a date with the bank's gottest young trainne, Zak - until she finds out that it's not just the Spinks gang who are into dodgy dealing; her own brothers are as crooked as a pair of corkscrews too! It's a safe bet that Mercedes will have to keep her family's illegal activites under wraps - if she's to have even and outside chance with the boy of her dreams.



It's three years since Armpit left Camp Green Lake and he's taking small steps to turn his life around. He's working for a landscape gardener because he's good at digging holes, he's going to school and his enjoying his first proper romance. But is he going to be able to stay out of trouble when there's so much building up against him?



The time is the 1950s. The place is a blue-collar town in upstate New York, where five high school girls are joined in a gang dedicated to pride, power and vengeance on a world that seems made to denigrate and destroy them. Foxfire is an always engrossing, often shocking evocation of female rage, gallantry and grit. Here is the secret history of a sisterhood of blood, a haven from a world of male opressors, marked by a liverating fury that burns too hot to last. Above all, it is the story of Legs Sadovsky, with her lean, on-the-edge, icy beauty, whose nerve, muscle, hate and hurt make her the spark of Foxfire, it's guiding spirit, it's bruning core. At once brutual and lyrical, this is a careening joyride of a novel - charged with outlaw energy and lit by intense emotion. Amid scenes of violence and vengeance lies this novel's greatest power; the exquisite, astonishing, rendering of the bonds that link the Foxfire girls together.



Verkar vara en hej dundrans hög med böcker ;D right?






The Gardella vampire chronicles

Datum: 2009-04-07 | Tid: 02:18:09
Dessa var då de böcker jag köpte och ska läsa. Får se om det faktiskt var något att ha eller om jag har slösat bort nästan 400 spänn på dem.

Tycker dock att framsidorna ser lite porriga ut. Men men, ska ju läsa ut Breaking dawn innan jag får börja på dessa härligheter.

/ Kim ♥

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