Datum: 2010-01-17 | Tid: 16:15:33
Behöver inte skriva om gårdagen.. ida skrev så bra! Så här skrev hon

"Had a super fun night yesterday! At 19 we got to Grahns house. We ate moose burgers and it was amazing! I love meat from the wild! After that the sauna bathing(?) began! I think we ran in and out of the snow for 1½ - 2 hours. It was so much fun, and it was total panic everytime! Camilla fell once.. haha :D poor girl. The last time we went out in the snow we took a group picture.. and then someone pushed me and then I heard Camilla giggle and like sitting on my back...? it was hilarious! And then we went inside, had showers and sat down by the TV till 3 o'clock. So much fun that night. We watched 'The Children' and that was not fun, Camilla cried."  ~ Ida


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